. Passenger car technician (mechanic)

October 29, 2022
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If your car needs a service or a repair, you can contact me. The goal of making all customers repeat customers, we want to achieve that by performing the jobs with the highest quality, at a good price!"

መኪናኹም ኣገልግሎት ወይ ጽገና እንተድኣ ኣድልይዋ ክትረኽቡኒ ትኽእሉ ኢኹም። ኩሎም ዓማዊል ተደጋጋሚ ዓማዊል ናይ ምግባር ዕላማ፣ ነቲ ስራሕ ብዝለዓለ ፅፈት፣ ብፅቡቕ ዋጋ ብምፍፃም ነዚ ክንበፅሖ ንደሊ!"

Contact Information
Phone: 0046767038065
Address: Dalagatan 5, , Sweden, 77132

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